• Catago Fir Tech Tendon Socks - Black

Catago Fir Tech Tendon Socks - Black

The Catago Fir-TECH Tendon Socks combine the benefits of compression with Catago's innovative healing technology.

Suitable for use alone or worn with bandages, these Tendon Socks easily slide onto your horse's legs, meaning they have no fiddly fastenings. Part of Catago's FIR-Tech healing range, which is a therapeutic range designed to increase wellness and recovery, these socks help prevent injuries, relieve tense muscles and sore joints, as well as help with the treatment of horses with joint or tendon problems, or for older horses. The lining material is woven with ceramic particles and Synthermax fibrefill which gives the FIR-Tech products their advanced conditioned double-acting effect.

The ceramic material converts and reflects the horse's body heat as the electromagnetic infrared heat radiation penetrates the tissue and widens the blood vessels. FIR-Tech heat radiation means increased blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the tissue, thereby reducing tension, aches and inflammation, while the tendon and joint functions are improved in the areas where the FIR-Tech healing product is used.

FIR-Tech healing products, such as these Tendon Socks, can be used and washed repeatedly without losing the effect of the material

One size & sold in pairs.