• Kentucky Black Pony Stable Toy
  • Kentucky Black Pony Stable Toy
  • Kentucky Black Pony Stable Toy

Kentucky Black Pony Stable Toy

Kentucky Horsewear Relax Horse Toys are a super addition to your horses stable. If your horse gets easily bored, then these Kentucky Relax Horse Toys are perfect for your horse and pony. Growing in the range, the Kentucky Relax Horse Toys now include a Horse Toy Bear, Unicorn, Horse Toy Pony and a New Black Pony. An Alpaca is also included in the latest range along with a new addition coming soon.

If your horse wants something to play with, then this is what they want. Although not indestructible, the Relax Horse Toy Pony, Unicorn and Black Pony are by far the most durable and can stand the test of time. The Horse Toy Bear and Alpaca are made from a softer GOTS cotton which with the most stressed horses with killer instinct, may not last as long as you wish.

When the horse applies pressure to the toys belly, a cracking plastic sound is produced. As a result this is intriguing for your horse and encourages them to play more. It can also help nervous horses get used to unusual sounds, which is great to build confidence in younger horses.

Another great asset to the toy is under the tail you can open the toy and remove the plastic bottle to replace to keep the fun on going! The mane and tail of the toy horse are also very fun for the horse to play with. Whilst having a small rope attached to the whither of the toy to attach to your desired place within the stable.

Experience has taught us, that for horses that do not travel well, or stable away over night, then don’t forget your Kentucky Horse Toy, and take it everywhere you travel. Customers have told us that it has helped their horse relax whilst travelling and in different surroundings.

The Kentucky Horse Toy is machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not  tumble dry.

1 size: 40cm length.

Relax Horse Toys are designed to be chewed, tossed, crunched and ripped. The ultimate boredom buster. We are sorry to say that we can not replace a toy should your horse destroy them.

  • £34.95