Kentucky - Show Rug Velvet 160g - Navy

The Velvet Show Rug will be the rug for 2021/22. Already popular around the world, the Kentucky Show Rugs provide the ultimate in luxury for your horse. With their soft artificial sheepskin collar and faux fur lining, this is the next step and a real eye catcher of show rugs. Limited Edition, these rugs will not last long. Once gone, they’re gone, so don’t leave it to long to make your decision.

Soft Velvet Horse Rugs

The velvet show rug is like no other with its luxury feel. Using the same fabric as their Velvet Saddle Pads, the velvet has been stitched in a stylish cube design to give it extra strength. As a result this will also keep the inner fill in position and prevent any movement.

Lined with Kentucky’s famous faux fur lining, this is the show rug that will provide ultimate comfort for your horse and turn heads whilst being worn.

Fabrics & materials
With the Show Rug Velvet you will for sure stand out in the stables. The rug has a 160g filling and is perfect during winter to use as a stable rug at home or at shows. The outside of the rug has a soft and chic velvet fabric and a sophisticated quilted layer. The cube quilted layer makes it a lot harder for horses to tear the rug. The inside of the rug has an artificial rabbit skin lining, that avoids rubbing marks. The artificial rabbit skin also creates tiny air pockets that create an isolated layer around your horse and keeps him extra warm.

Shape & size
Thanks to the artificial rabbit skin on the inside of the rug, the Show Rug Velvet stays in place after rolling or lying down. The rug can be fastened with two double front closures and two surcingles that are finished off with the signature Kentucky artificial leather patches.

Care guide for your horse show rug

The velvet show rug is like all the Kentucky Show Rugs.  Machine washable at 30 degrees, it will retain its softness even after washing. The tail bungee cord is easy to clean. Simply clean with a wet cloth.


  • £229.95