• Flex On Composite Stirrups - IN STOCK
  • Flex On Composite Stirrups - IN STOCK

Flex On Composite Stirrups - IN STOCK

Available in two Black colour-ways! 

Different colour magnets available to change.

The Green Composite stirrup is made from an organically sourced polyamide material. Equal in terms of performance & shock absorption and easier to clean (simply wipe over with water). They're aimed for a wide variety of riders too making them an ideal choice and they're super lightweight! The difference between these and the Aluminium Stirrups are the Material & Weight along with the shock absorber layout.

In our opinion they're the best on the market for absorbing the shock and vibration as the footbed rests on elastomer springs to reduce physical impact of the horses movement and thus increase stability in the saddle. 

Key features

  • Steel reinforced frame
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Mixed Inclined footbed
  • Interchangeabe magnetic stickers

These have an inclined ultra grip footrest & tread with small studs embedded into the foot tread to ensure your riding boots have maximum stability. Please note they do not damage your riding boots. 

  • £174.95